Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching can help modify habits that are getting in the way of the healthy life you want. Our Wellness Coaches work with you in a variety of settings including your home, workplace, local gym, or at our Cabbagetown clinic location.

Our philosophy is not to look at fitness, nutrition and lifestyle in isolation but rather evaluate individuals holistically. We educate and transform lives through proven methods, compassion and tough love. Armed with new knowledge, clients work smarter and fit healthy behaviours into their lives!

Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training

Our Wellness Coaches are specialists in the fields of nutrition and healthy living. They can help develop custom lifestyle plans, designed to accommodate your busy life.

You may not know where to start when it comes to healthy eating, beginning an exercise program or reducing stress. Your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor may have even given you suggestions or “homework,” and the goal of a coach is to help incorporate these recommendations into your current routine. Your coach will troubleshoot around the barriers you face – whether it’s a lack of time, knowledge or motivation – and create a plan that will work for you.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this type of coaching. Some clients may need support every week or every few weeks to discuss their progress, while other clients may require at-home personal training or even grocery planning/shopping assistance.

By drawing from your strengths, you and your coach will find ways to overcome challenges and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals!


Single coaching session: $90 each

Package of 10 sessions: $80 each

Personalized Habit-Based Nutrition Plan: $189

Nutrition Jump-Start Package: $289 – Includes one grocery shopping session, one kitchen cleanout and a personalized, habit-based nutrition plan

Fitness Jump-Start Package: $489 – Includes five coaching sessions and a personalized, habit-based nutrition plan

Stephanie Gellatly, PTS PN1
Wellness Coach
Clinic Manager

Stephanie’s educational journey started with Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University, leading her to an interest in learning about and understanding people’s stories. She uses this compassionate and understanding approach to coaching with all of her clients through fitness, nutrition and personal wellness. Her experience with training for sport performance and injury recovery led to an interest in long-term wellness, making her a great complement to our Osteopathic team. She is a certified Personal Training Specialist and Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach. She has a special interest in weight management, injury recovery, stress and anxiety reduction through movement and good food! Steph believes that healthy lifestyles are built on self-positive habits and attitudes, and having a support network when making beneficial changes in your life. That’s where Steph comes in – your hands-on guide to living a happier, healthier lifestyle (and having fun in the process!)



*Please note that nutrition plans are to be used as general guidelines only and not as a substitute for medical nutrition therapy. If you are seeking nutritional guidance due to an existing medical condition, please book a Naturopathic Medicine appointment.