Naturopathic Doula Care

What makes an ND Doula?

Doula means “woman who serves”.

Naturopathic Doulas:
-assist women before, during, and after labour to help ensure a safe, satisfying, and positive birth experience.
-use knowledge and experience as a woman, mother, naturopathic doctor, and naturopathic doula to support the family on an emotional, physical, and informational level.
-provide the options of relaxation techniques, meditation, visualization, massage, positioning, herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, and homeopathy, when needed.
-communicate (as needed) with caregivers to ensure you have the information you require to make informed decisions.
-can provide suggestions for labor progress, comfort, and perspective to you and your partner (if present).
-work and advocate for you, not your caregiver or hospital.
-will remind you if there is a departure from you Birth Plan, discuss your concerns with you, and help you identify key questions to help with your decision-making.

Doulas do not:
-perform clinical tasks, make decisions for you, speak to staff on your behalf regarding decisions to be made.
-prescribe, diagnose, treat medical issues, or interpret diagnostic procedures.
–act as your primary caregiver (your midwife, OB or MD has that role).

Our doula care packages are $1300 – $1600 and generally include:
~ 1-2 antepartum visits, One of these are usually at your home, One can be via phone/Skype if you choose
~ Labour & Delivery with naturopathic tools to support you
~ Back up doula coverage
~ 1 postpartum visit, which can be via phone if you choose
–Postpartum visits are scheduled within the 14 days following delivery
~ 4 wks of postpartum care before transferring to naturopathic care solely if you choose

*Note that packages can be tailored to suit you and your birth plan. Labour Induction & other packages available.

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Interview anyone you are considering inviting onto your birth team. OBs, Midwives, & your doula.

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