Health Benefits of Black Tea

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Health Benefits of Black Tea

Teas are one of the many tools Naturopathic doctors use to aid patients. They’re gentle and have a wide selection herbal and caffeinated varieties. One in particular in the rich, full-bodied, Black Tea. I don’t mean taking your beverage plain, I mean the antioxidant-laden, most often caffeinated, Black Tea aka Orange Pekoe, Chai, English breakfast, Earl grey…

Besides being quite tasty, this variety has significant therapeutic benefits due to it’s various properties (polyphenols, astringent, theaflavins, etc). Black teas can be used to effect the Central Nervous System, alertness, wean down from caffeine abuse, regulate bowel movements & bowel consistency, regulate the Immune System, allergies, promoting Renal function, boost metabolism, effect the Circulatory System, blood cholesterol levels, and a host of other concerns.

Like all things therapeutic, Black tea should not be used for treatment without assessing the total picture. Black tea has tannins, which can effect how well your gut absorbs nutrients & other constituents. While antioxidant, it’s not as powerful an antioxidant as a green or white tea.

I’d love to toss some ideas around about your health over tea for 15 minutes or so. I may pour you a cup of Black tea or give you some info on another variety or two. When you come to me, I’m happy to work around your schedule.

I look forward to sharing an experience with you!

Best in Health,
Mai Heath ND Doula

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Dr. Mai Heath practices in Cabbagetown, Toronto at Paths to Vitality. She received her medical training from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Mai believes the therapeutic relationship is where the healing occurs. Educating patients on how to steer their own health outcomes is a conviction she’s developed after many years of work in education. Mai focuses her energies on total patient care through the mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual healing process. Eagerly guiding people on their wellness journey through individualized care and education leads to empowered and inspired communities. Mai has a special interest in perinatal care, family care, and lifestyle counselling. 

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